Meet the team that brought the residences at 24 Remsen Street to fruition.


Development & Vision

We pinpoint distinctive real estate opportunities, determine their optimal form and function, and execute from beginning to end with an acute focus on best practices. We unlock a project’s full potential by understanding the nuances of each local market and its place in the bigger picture.

We approach development with a broad focus – consulting local leadership, understanding transportation, and monitoring labor trends and public policy – while always keeping the end user in mind. Our comprehensive approach yields best-in-class assets and drives risk-adjusted returns. We build for more than just a profit; we build for beauty, utility, and longevity. Our brand is synonymous with quality, and our projects consistently exceed expectations, setting a stan­dard that others aspire to but seldom achieve.

PB Architects

Layout & Design

Architect Patrick Brennan founded his practice 13 years ago in order to bring his timeless design sensibility to bear on a market awash in iconoclastic pop culture. Since that time, he has developed an expertise in residential renovation and historic preservation that is environmentally responsible and calibrated to conserve precious resources wherever possible. He approaches each project determined to capture the unique characteristics of the site, while realizing the distinctive desires of his client, and in the process, he celebrates craftsmanship by applying his intimate knowledge of construction methods and materials.

Brennan RISE

Positioning & Conveyance

Brennan RISE's holistic approach helps developers ahead of the curve by managing every facet of their marketing & sales process through our broad suite of services. From marketing plans, amenity programming, design consultation and ongoing in-depth customized absorption research, we perform unique branding exercises all the way to sales office design, listings and disposition.

Aligning our collective goals for long-term success is the key to continued relevancy and influence in the real estate industry. Brennan's powerful global broker outreach and distribution network is extended to affiliations including REBNY and the Brooklyn New York Multiple Listing Service, maximizing your project’s exposure to the best-in-class real estate participants in the Brooklyn marketplace.

Level Design Group

Branding & Collateral

Level Design Group is a multidisciplinary design firm with expertise in developing creative communications and branding. Founded in 1997 by partners Jennifer Bernstein and Nicholas Hubbard, the firm's work spans the media of print, web and motion graphics and emphasizes the development of an integrated strategy and critical thinking as essential parts of the design process. Project leadership and the development of relationships based on mutual respect are hallmarks of Level's collaboration with its clients.